A nation breathes out. A dream seemed to become true. A dream which has been a fight. For many decades. For many generations. 1994 was a year with a happy end when Nelson Mandela was elected the first black president. The same year when I started to travel to South Africa for photo and film productions. Since then I have been there many times finding business partnerships and making friends. I inspired others to travel to South Africa too. Ahead of the first Soccer Worldcup in Africa friends and I were thinking of creating something different to our normal work. A calendar? An exhibition? A documentary? We decided to make a magazine as a hommage to the country. Not about soccer. No african third world clichés. is the extension into the world wide web. With more stories, with more poetry, with more art and picture galleries, music, videos, interviews and as a platform to meet and communicate.

Golden Arrow is about ordinary and extraordinary people. From different living places, with different social and cultural backgrounds, different lifestyles, dreams, hopes or worries. Showing them as what they are – a positive thinking, creative and multicultural community which is courageously trying to built a better future.

Sven Ruhs, Editor-in-chief