Soap Girls

words by Raffaella delle Donne

It was a time of dirty wars and even dirtier deals at the tip of a vast continent on which the first amongst us once walked. A time so steeped in filth of every shape and form that the people of the land were plagued by a deep longing to feel clean. And it was during this time that two identical girls were born in the small republic of Hout Bay. Well, seeing as this is the unauthorised biography of the Soap Girls, I have to admit that this not completely true….it is said that they were carried on the waves of the cold Atlantic Ocean and their Mother found them washed up on the shore. Now the strange thing was that the two baby girls with golden hair were imbued with the scent of soap and even stranger still was that their Mother was a soap-maker. As you can imagine, news of this auspicious event travelled across the land and the curious of the curious from far and wide flocked to the small republic to see (and smell!) the Soap Girls for themselves.

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