Cape Talent

moving-angel was established in 2001 to produce entertaining high quality Films and stage productions. Since then, moving-angel produced several documentaries and short films for television and for the home video market. Cape Talent follwos many stories from the magazine and has also caputred additional portraits and interviews in Cape Tonw, the Western Cape, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Jean Christophe Blavier has worked as a principal dancer and choreograph. Numerous ballet productions and ballet company-tours worldwide were produced. Since 1987 he realized documentaries for the international market. He is CEO of moving-angel, supported by Birgit Baumgärtner as Producer and Executive producer. Topics of the documentaries are mainly artist and personalities portraits (musicians, dancers, choreographers, architects), as well as people, their life’s works, stories and dreams. Since  2006 moving-angel has produced a series of social contents and  many short reportage for TV magazines.