Cooked in Africa

South Africa’s culinary genius, Justin Bonello is the owner of Cooked in Africa Films and host of Cooked – the popular cooking adventure show, broadcast by BBC Food in South Africa. His travel series, Getaway to Africa has also been showing on prime TV in South Africa.

Cooked in Africa – This book will be your inspiration to be adventurous, to extend your cooking repertoire and to be more ecologically aware. Based on the popular TV series on BBC “Food, Cooked”, this unique compilation of places, spaces and flavours combines chef Justin Bonello’s three favourite things – Southern Africa, food and friends. Bonello is passionate about ensuring that Africa’s diverse food cultures are recorded and celebrated so that future generations will be able to savour the culinary pleasures we enjoy today. His love affair with cooking and wide-open spaces began with weekends and school holidays spent in the great outdoors either on the Breede River or on the Wild Coast. He learnt to embrace the land and all that it has to offer without taking from it anything that nature can’t replenish. Bonello believes that the beauty of travel and cooking can be found in searching for fresh produce, making new friends and discovering foods you didn’t even know existed. Once you’ve learned the basics and started growing your own produce, there’s no reason not to produce awesome meals – all it takes is a little courage and a pinch of creativity.

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