Glenn Cox

words by Lyn Atterbury
Glenn, when first introduced to me, immediately made it clear that he always wanted to be an artist.

Born in Cape Town in 1969, to a middle class family, he matriculated at Plumstead High School in 1987; he attended several Higher Education institutions as to avoid National service, still compulsory in those years. He first attended Cape Technikon for graphic design and after two years realised that his true love was fine art. He then attended Michailis, UCT’s (University of Cape Town) art school. In those years entry to the university was not as controlled as today and Glenn managed to attend classes without having registered. This oversight on the University’s part was only discovered a year and a half later when he was asked to leave.

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Joshua Rossouw founded and owns Rossouw Modern Art Gallery.
Lyn Atterbury is the manager of the gallery in Groot Constantia.