Conn Bertish


Words by Carol Mashigo, german adaption by Sven Ruhs, portrait by Darius Ramazani

Like many others I don’t know much about art, exhibitions, galleries etc. That just isn’t a space I’m familiar with and I’ve always found it difficult to ‘interact’ with the ‘pieces’ that are often being exhibited. But just imagine art that is so interesting and sometimes disturbing that it makes people interact with it and the person who made it.

That is exactly what the 0834319513 project has done. Conn Bertish conceived the idea while driving in Johannesburg. At a traffic light he noticed an advert for a painter. Before I go any further, allow me to explain what I mean by advert. Like everywhere else in the world there´s fancy, high budget adverts on TV, radio, print and billboards also in South Africa.

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