Zip Zap Circus

Zip Zap dates back to 1992 when Laurence Esteve accompanied Brent van Rensburg on a visit to her fiancé’s hometown. Brent and Laurence, both professional trapeze artists, set up a trapeze at the V&A Waterfront offering the curious and not too faint at heart a pay-as-you-go swing. Inspired by the phenomenal response, the idea of starting a circus school in Cape Town began to take root. Soon the idea began to grow into something concrete. Combining Laurence’s background in business and Brent’s affinity for teaching, the two set out with nothing more than their dream to start a circus school and the desire to make it come true. But the couple recognized a circus school in South Africa had the potential to go beyond the basic training of circus skills. The trust, commitment and teamwork required for circus could help foster social change in South Africa and from this the school’s orientation became self-evident.