Carol Mashigo

Carol is not only a radio moderator and singer, she’s also a very talented writer. Here is an exclusive abstract of her book “The Yearning” which will be published soon:

My mother died seven times before she gave birth to me. I am grateful for that corpse that somehow always seemed to resurrect itself. I wasn’t always grateful for her though. Forcing the life force out of one person will breathe new life into yours. I wonder if that is how my father’s killers felt after ending his life. Killing a man will change the way you see a lot of things. There is no life without death, the two rely on each other and we rely on them for our purpose. A new mother knows her purpose when she holds her baby within her and in her arms for the first time. A man’s work has its purpose in death as part of his legacy. Why then do we love one and despise the other?

The life in me came at the cost of another’s but I refuse to apologise for that. A part of who I used to be has vanished and I’m now faced with possibilities of who I could be. The Yearning never stops till we embrace here. We long for a time long gone, for its hazy love, joy and simplicity. The yearning for the future and its promises of problem-less lives robs us of the present.

A gift that we all hold forever; it is seldom acknowledged and enjoyed. The Yearning for joyous life and noble death is a disease. Never will we be at ease for as long as we are unable to control it.

“It’s love that makes the impossible possible”

– Indian Proverb

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