Bed Jumping

Kelly Wainwright knew she had to do it! Her original vision was global, but she has started her “Bed-Jumping Agenda” in Cape Town, & here is her motto:

Throw all caution to the wind & Jump!

Jump for JOY!

The Bed represents:

A common thread of Humanity.

Whether in Manhattan or the Kalahari, we were all born Humans. Babies. Kids who like to Play.

We are all now Actors, Polititians, Mothers, Fishermen, Surfers, Tourists, & Supermodels – all coming in different shapes & sizes, colors & hues, with different voices and stories for the world.

Nevertheless, we are all still Humans, &

Kids who like to Play.

So Come to the bed & Jump!

Jump for Joy!

Read more on the project here