I’m an African

Samantha Reinders is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa – pursuing stories there and abroad. She moved back to South Africa after completing her Masters in Visual Communication at Ohio University, and interning, in 2005, for US News & World Report magazine.

At US News she covered the Washington, DC politicallandscape – including the White House and Capitol HilI. She is not 100% certain when her career actually began – but thinks it was either somewhere in the curious hills of Appalachia, whilst riding shotgun in her fathers beloved Landrover or sandwiched between two other photographers in the press pool in the Oval Office.

Either way, she’s glad it did because it has. among other things, allowed her to chose penguins, fly on Air Force One, swim with sharks and meet a collection of interesting people – from business men to homeless men, and fram grannies at a bake-sale to a tripie murderer behind bars. In this way she thinks the profession of photojournalism is a privilege.